Month: September 2018

Whiskey Review: Powers Gold Label Irish

Whiskey Review: Powers Gold Label Irish


  • ¬†Straight. Neat, in a coffee mug, over whiskey stones.
  • room temp.
  • Paired with a Bahia maduro cigar

First impressions:

  • ¬†Beautiful honey color.
  • Sweet nutty scent.
  • Smooth wheat and barley first sips.
  • Touch of pepper that lingers in the quick finish.

Overall notes:

Being the best selling whiskey in Ireland, recently released at a slightly stronger 42%, and that it comes from the same distillery as another lifetime favorite Jameson, I had high hopes for this 6-year-old blended, and she did not disappoint.

The smooth potstill character prevails, with a malted barley back and sweet spices to snap the finish. Powers Gold worked quite well with a full flavor cigar like the Bahia Maduro, although I think future testing will include a mild-medium Connecticut like the Alec Bradley White gold. I suspect the honey sweetness and salted butter flavors of the Powers Irish will be an excellent mix with a slightly milder cigar.

Overall I’m calling this taste test a success.¬† Powers Gold Label Irish whiskey is the perfect man candy to sip with a fine cigar after work; If only the rain would stop so I could take mine into the sunset.

I do have a very large umbrella on the patio however, so I’ll wrap this up here and finish my cigar and whiskey in style.