Month: January 2015

Feels Check: The *(Real Secret)* History of Your United States of America

Just tossing out this tester, if you will, to get a feel for any interest in this subject.

Many of you are unaware of the fact that in a past life, I was qualified as a homeschooling teacher by the Baltimore BOE.

This qualification included booster-courses in English, Math, Science, and History.

This is not a big deal, and many parents have undergone such training and testing…but the reason that I mention it is because in the process of these crash-courses in high school-level teacher training, I found a subject that continued to fascinate me for many years: The true history of this United States. The one we were never told about in public school.

The history of ourselves that, for various reasons, was kept a secret because we simply couldn’t handle the truth.

I’m recently feeling the desire to start posting some of this info, in bite-sized pieces of course, for your casual consumption. ¬†Mainly, I think I just need to get some of it down in print before Alzheimers begins taking it back.

Naturally, if it turns out that I’m the only “truth geek” around these parts, then the whole idea is naught.

If you would be so kind, please leave a brief comment to indicate any interest on your part in the above subject matter…and at the end of 30 days or 30 comments (whichever comes first), I will either begin posting or simply move on to another idea.

Thank you for taking the time to read this small announcement.

BOA Class Action Payout

Having (formerly) been customers of Bank of America and using, on a daily basis, their online checking service, we were automatically included in the recent Class Action suit that addressed their often-shady overdraft fees.

On first notice, we were elated.
Seriously; We may get some of the thousand-or-so dollars back that they had scammed us out of by juggling deposit dates and Visa charges to put our account in the red all those countless times over the 5 years that we used them for direct deposit?

We had lost track of the number of times that they had held back a deposited check, and allowed a tiny ($20 or less) charge to cost us $70 in fees.

So, today I got our settlement check…drumroll…$14.
Holy toasted turds, we’re rich!

BOA collected Billion$ in illegally-crafted overdraft fees.
One month that sticks in my mind we had paid over $220 in fees for a $40 overdraft.

Our share of the windfall and fair reimbursement? $14.
Score one for the little guys. (that’s sarcasm, BTW)

The system truly Sucks.