Month: August 2018

Whiskey Review: Eagle Rare Bourbon

Whiskey Review: Eagle Rare Bourbon


  • Straight. Neat, in a coffee mug, over whiskey stones
  • Paired with a Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo cigar

First impressions:

  • Bold bourbon scent with a nuts & earth linger
  • Beautiful amber glow.
  • Mildly sweet tingle that lingers just enough
  • Oak cask back taste and a touch of orange (and cherries?)


This is a fine sipping whiskey (my only option) that blends very nicely with a full body cigar like the VS corojo.  With 10 years to perfect it’s blend, there is no single flavor that stands out to overwhelm.

Not available locally of course; I order from a classic spirits shop in NY, and the price is quite reasonable for an award winning 10-year old bourbon whiskey, about $35.

Loads of character carried on a smooth and crisp raisin toast finish; not too tart, or overly sweet, but gliding easily down the gullet with just a few seconds of satisfying burn without the expected kick you get from every day whiskeys.

I’m calling this taste test a success; Both the Eagle Rare and the VS cigar will be on my future shopping lists, and if they cross my taste buds together again it will be another enjoyable evening treat.