Month: September 2011

Is Your Business Maximizing Facebook?

Facebook recently announced more than 750 million active users worldwide. That’s ACTIVE users. Half use Facebook several times a day. Plus, 75% of marketers plan to increase their use of Facebook in 2011!

So let me ask you a question. Is your business leveraging the power of Facebook?

Keep reading to learn what’s changed with Facebook and to find out about a special event (from Social Media Examiner) just for businesses.

How Has Facebook Changed?

Facebook has changed a lot in the previous months—for example:

Tabs are gone.

Static FBML has been phased out.

Users can masquerade as a page.

If a user can masquerade as a page, one of your competitors can leave a comment on your pages, promoting their page (brand) to your users. Get ready for a new kind of spam!

But there are many positive changes as well.

Pages have been redesigned to be cleaner and less cluttered.

You have more control over your news feed.

You can get an email when anyone comments on your pages.

iFrame apps have replaced Static FBML.

You can offer deals to people checking in on a mobile device.

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Remington 597 Earnhardt set

Brand new Limited Edition Remington .22 cal Commerorative Dale Earnhardt Rifle set

Never chambered. New In Box.

Dale Earnhardt Sr rifle in black, Dale Earnhardt Jr in red.

Feb 2011 was the 10th anniversary of Dale Sr’s death. These Limited Edition commerative rifles were issued 10 years ago at $1100.

They are true Remingtons and they are Brand new.

Taking Offers for 2 weeks. Looking to swap for: Deer rifles – shotguns – nice .22 – Tacticals preferred – Cash ($1,000 min) – Gold (1oz min, coin or bullion) – Handguns – combination of these.

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Remington Earnhardt .22 rifle set


Force Full Disclosure of Fracking Fluid Chemicals!

Flammable Faucets.

Tap Water Bursting Into Flames in Your Kitchen.  Seriously.

Horizontal fracking involves pumping millions of gallons of chemical-laced water underground to release gas pockets trapped in seams of rock.

But exactly which chemicals are used and how well they are disposed of is a mystery, thanks to loopholes bought by millions of dollars in lobbying and donations to elected officials.

Unsurprisingly, horizontal fracking has almost always been accompanied by serious health and environmental crises in nearby communities, and without disclosing the chemicals they use, scientists are unable to link ground, water and air contamination to their secret cash cow.

Sign our petition to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to force full disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking operations:

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Augmented Reality: 5 Ways it Can Change Your World

Have you heard of augmented reality? This new technology will have a profound impact on businesses. Keep reading to learn why…

Like social media, augmented reality is a fairly new technology that is still being developed into tools that add some use or productivity to our lives.

At this early stage, it is often found in games, but businesses are slowly adopting the technology and experimenting with it.

If you’re unaware of augmented reality, the basic definition is that it adds something to, improves, or heightens, reality.

Here’s a cool augmented reality video to check out.

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The 8 Most Shameless Attempts to Cash in on 9/11

    The anniversary of 9/11 was a time for reflection, memorials and staggered disbelief at the ways some people tried to make money from it.
We’ve already seen retarded references to 9/11, and the most retarded reference to 9/11, but here are the worst insults to America and capitalism not videotaped in a cave.

We’re not saying these cash-grabbers are despicable bottom-feeders, but they are parasitic worms that enter the human body through the anus unless that anus belongs to these people.

#8.The 9/11 Quilt

Kevin Held raised almost three quarters of a million dollars to construct a vast 9/11 memorial quilt capable of covering 25 football fields, possibly as an early TSA test to see if shouting “terrorism” really could let you get away with anything.

Even if it wasn’t a scam (you think?), it was the worst charity of all time: His plan was to raise money to make blankets that were of no use to the people who might need them. If charities get tax breaks, he should have had to pay the government extra.

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Women’s Rights Petition: Bring The ABSU 5 Who Gang-Raped Woman in Nigeria to Justice |

On or around August 16th, 2011 five male students of Abia state University Nigeria imprisoned and raped mercilessly for several hours a fellow female student. What had she done to deserve this? Apparently she insulted one of them and this was her punishment. As though the rape wasn’t enough, they also filmed it and callously passed the footage around to their friends and from there on to the entire campus. This footage has been making waves online and amongst Nigerian bloggers with several people calling out to the government to do something.

The government must find these boys and hold them accountable.

They must know that Nigerians and people all around the world will not sit by idly while such atrocities continue to take place.

Policies must be put in place to ensure that such incidents are properly investigated and tried in the future.

There need to be appropriate laws and punishments established to deter anyone from attempting such a heinous crime in the future.

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West Virginia — National Mining Association Needs Your Vote

West Virginia

West Virginia’s coal industry supports over 84,000 high paying jobs, and coal generates nearly 100 percent of the state’s electricity, allowing West Virginia to maintain the lowest energy prices in the nation. However, the EPA continues to block nearly 200 coal permit applications in Appalachia. In the meantime, thousands of high-paying coal mining jobs are at risk; tax revenues that sustain schools and vital services are lost; and the coal supplies that provide reliable and affordable electricity are at risk.

Send a message to your representatives urging them to protect coal mining in West Virginia and stop blocking coal permits.

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