Month: November 2011

Black Friday Target Shoppers Step Over Man Who Lay Dying on the Floor

Black Friday shoppers at a West Virginia Target did not allow collapsed-and-dying man Walter Vance to disturb their holiday shopping experience. They simply walked around or stepped over him, before somebody else swept up all those cheap towels and soap dishes.

Vance, 61, was a pharmacist and reputed all-around nice man who suffered from heart problems. According to his wife Lynn, He’d had a stent inserted about two weeks ago, which may or may not have contributed to his death. Witnesses assert that, after Vance collapsed, most shoppers ignored or avoided him, keeping their eyes on the prize (fabulous deals!). However, Lynn told the Charleston Gazette that “about six” nurses came to his aide, which suggests that nurses are the only caring people left in Charleston. One of the helpful nurses and a paramedic administered CPR, and Target employees called an ambulance. Eventually Vance died at a local hospital.

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Should Sculptor Who Shot Dog ‘for Art’ Receive $750K in Public Funds?

Should Sculptor Who Shot Dog ‘for Art’ Receive $750K in Public Funds?

Back in 1977, Brooklyn-based artist Tom Otterness made a film of himself shooting and killing a dog he’d adopted from an animal shelter. It’s art! But it’s also evidence of an act of animal cruelty, which is why some San Francisco residents don’t want Otterness to receive $750,000 in public funds to make statues for a local subway station.

Otterness was awarded the money by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s board of directors, which approved the contract commissioning him to create 59 bronze statues—not of dead dogs, but of the little cartoonish people he now makes. Somehow the judging panel didn’t know about Otterness’s dog-murder movie—even though it’s listed right there on his danged Wikipedia page, and a simple Internet search of his name pulls up results that refer to it. Now they have a signed contract on their hands, and must to answer to a city full of hippie dog lovers too busy throwing soy bones to their pets to have any kids.

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Bad Science | Destruction of America’s Pine Nut resources | Ruining our food

Nevada’s Soft Shell Pinon Pine Nuts

Bad Science Destroys The World’s Greatest Food Resource!

My primary concern is that poor science is tainting our basic understanding of the pinyon system and is continuing to lead to misdirected efforts in restoration. Little to no scientific work was done on this land prior to wide scale deforestation of pinyon to rangeland in the 1950- 1960’s almost 4 million acres of the best pinon trees and the most productive forest.

Pinyon pine nuts have been a primary food resource for birds, animals and people in the region for at least 10,000 years. Seed production and harvest would be a primary indicator of system health and productivity, yet there has been little to no work done on this subject.

From what I have learned of the pinon pine nut harvests from people who have been working in the field, seed production has dramatically declined since WWII . It would be highly difficult for a native species to invade when its reproduction has been dramatically impacted. Additionally, as you know, landscapes change slowly in arid regions, absent human intervention.

Prior to World War II the American pinyon system produced up to 8 million pounds of edible seed yearly for which there was a strong market on the east coast as well as regionally.

After WWII records commercial of harvest decline as people returning from the war were encouraged to ranch rather than other types of livelihood pursuits. We know of harvest yields through historical records kept by the pinon brokers, which are archived at Northern Arizona University.

Very little scientific study has been done on pine nut reproduction. It is one of the primary indicators of system health. In order for to examine the truth of the pinyon invasion, we must consider seed production and tree life cycles.

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Fliers Taken Off Plane to ATMs to Help Buy Fuel

Passengers on a Britain-bound charter flight were forced off in Vienna and taken to ATMs to help pay for the rest of the flight.

The Boeing 757, operated by Comtel, was flying from Amritsar, India, to Birmingham when it made the pit stop. Passengers rounded up some $35,000, according to the Telegraph, and handed it over to the crew.

“They lined up the buses and said we would be removed from the plane if we didn’t pay up,” Rnanbir Dehal told the paper.

“They wanted a load of money up front in cash otherwise they would remove your bags from the hold,” added Tarlochan Singh.

Passengers were given receipts and promised they’d be paid back. But a spokesman for the Association of British Travel Agents said if passengers bought scheduled tickets with an airline that is insolvent, they may have no recourse.

Kandra Bhupinder, boss of Comtel parent company Golden Air Group, said vendors ad not paid the company and thus created a cash-flow problem.

“Comtel is not bankrupt,” he said. “Our partners were not able to pay us, so I have no money to fly.”

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Parents Nabbed After Boy, 11, Takes Photos of Their Pot Stash

An 11-year-old boy was so sick of smelling the pot his parents were smoking took pictures of their stash and had them sent to police, according to cops.

The Minnesota boy told police his mom and stepfather smoked the drug constantly and that he often complained, but to no avail. After the photos were sent, drug agents served a search warrant on their home in Ravenna Township near Hastings and arrested Heidi Siebenaler, a Dakota County probation supervisor, and her husband, Mark Siebenaler. The allegedly found eight pounds of the drug in the master bedroom, according to KMSP-TV.

“These allegations raise moral concerns and legal concerns,” said Washington County Attorney Pete Orput, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “It’s disappointing when someone in law enforcement gets caught breaking the law. In this case it is particularly disappointing.”

A criminal complaint says the boy took the matter to his biological father, who told him to take photos of the marijuana. The father then forwarded the photos to authorities.

Mark Siebenaler said he smokes marijuana for medicinal purposes, which is not legal in Minnesota.

“I smoke marijuana and I’m not ashamed to say it,” he told KMSP-TV.

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NYPD Searches for Missing Mass. Girl

Police are looking a young runaway from Massachusetts who they believe to be in New York City.

Authorities say Allie Loftis, 13, left her home on Friday, November 4 and was shown on surveillance footage getting off a Peter Pan Bus at the Port Authority later that night. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Her family created a Facebook page, Find Allie Loftis, to spread the word, and to also get a message to their daughter.

“If she looks at her Facebook page, she’ll know how many people love her,” her father, Tony Loftis, told NBC New York. “Sometimes, when you want to come back it’s hard to do it. We love her and want to know she is okay. No questions asked.”

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Man Arrested for Breaking EMT’s Leg at Occupy Wall Street | NBC New York

A man has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a paramedic and breaking his leg at the Occupy Wall Street site overnight.

Police say paramedics were called to Zuccotti Park for a man who was acting irrationally.

When they arrived, the man in question appeared to be in emotional distress and police decided he needed to be taken to the hospital. But authorities say protesters formed a human chain to block the police as the man refused to go.

“We were denied access to the patient, and people were actually blocking us from transporting,” said FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano.

One of the EMTs was pushed into a ladder, fracturing his leg.


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The man is being charged with assault.

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