Month: September 2012

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Most of you are aware of Pop’s long-standing affair with photography, specifically with the creation of art by someone with so little artistic talent in any other medium.

What only a few of you are aware of is the fact that Pop is also a semi-retired bench technician.

Bench techs (Fixers) are the electronic technicians who troubleshoot and repair the hardware that comes into the shop.

This means that in the days of the TV shop, when people actually repaired their gadgets and electronics (before the current “everything’s disposable” mentality took over), this is the work that I did.

As a bench-tech for a TV shop in Brooklyn my day was filled with dead-set televisions, stereos with blown fuses, CB radios that had been hit with spilled coffee, and the occasional house-call to troubleshoot the console that dad kicked when his team lost.

Electronic devices have of course evolved since then, and while most TV repair shops have faded away, the need to repair the more expensive gadgets is still prevalent.

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