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Is TruTV Dead yet..?

Seriously, they haven’t shown anything but two shows in over a month.

Quite possibly two of the worst programs imaginable; Impractical Jokers and The Carbonaro Effect, are the only programming this channel has left.  Did they pack up and go home in September, and just leave the cheapest shows they could find running on a loop?

We used to tune into this channel now & then, but that stopped months ago. The  shows that kept us from being regulars, are now the only ones they are showing at all.

Streaming’s sudden popularity is no mystery at all.

Some channels, like TruTV, just stopped trying to win viewers altogether.

My Netflix account is finally paying off in spades, so…

Thanks for sucking so hard, TruTV.

Thanx For Suckin’ so Much, TBS

Not too long ago, TBS was a daily staple for us; Every day after work, we would tune in for a few episodes of comfortable favorites Friends and Seinfeld, and then Big Bang Theory at 8.  Except for Mondays, of course.

Mondays on #TBS meant lowest common denominator programming, ie: Cartoons. Those embarrassingly stupid, blatantly pointless wastes of time and brain cells that are apparently designed for consumption by the drunken masses.

On Mondays, we would go straight to Netflix for the night, because TBS had let us down.  It wasn’t a huge deal, especially now that Netflix had acquired a ton of new shows. So, thanks to a bad choice by TBS, our Mondays were streaming nights.

Recently however, those alarmingly stupid shows that dominated Mondays just became an every day thing at the Totally Bad Shows station.

Those adult cartoons are now running every night, all night long  Seriously, TBS?

Are your kids choosing programming now? Then let your kids watch it. Because we haven’t tuned into your channel in weeks, and you know how habits get started…

On the brighter side; Netflix has just become our favorite way to spend some time in front of the television, and both we and the flix owe it to your sucking ways, TBS.

So, this isn’t so much a complaint as a thank you note.

Thanks for sucking the big one, #TBS!

Future tech: palm-reading ATMs – PC & Tech Authority

A Japanese bank has installed palm scanners at its ATMs – doing away with the need for a bank card.

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank in Japan has installed Fujitsu palm scanners at its ATMs that do away with the need for a cash card altogether. You just scan your hand, it reads your vein pattern – and then you confirm your identity with your PIN number and date of birth. Presto! Cash in hand.

There’s a very serious rationale behind using palm readers instead of cash cards – Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank was inspired to create the system after many Japanese people were left without any identification in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami last year. Now, though, as the bank says, “You are your cash card.”

via Future tech: palm-reading ATMs – PC & Tech Authority.

The Little White Box That Can Hack Your Network | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com

When Jayson E. Street broke into the branch office of a national bank in May of last year, the branch manager could not have been more helpful. Dressed like a technician, Street walked in and said he was there to measure “power fluctuations on the power circuit.” To do this, he’d need to plug a small white device that looked like a power adapter onto the wall.

The power fluctuation story was total bullshit, of course. Street had been hired by the bank to test out security at 10 of its West Coast branch offices. He was conducting what’s called a penetration test. This is where security experts pretend to be bad guys in order to spot problems.

In this test, bank employees were only too willing to help out. They let Street go anywhere he wanted — near the teller windows, in the vault — and plug in his little white device, called a Pwn Plug. Pwn is hacker-speak for “beat” or “take control of.”

“At one branch, the bank manager got out of the way so I could put it behind her desk,” Street says. The bank, which Street isn’t allowed to name, called the test off after he’d broken into the first four branches. “After the fourth one they said, ‘Stop now please. We give up.’”

via The Little White Box That Can Hack Your Network | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com.