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Sears Stores and Kmarts Closing: A partial list

Sears and Kmart Store Closings

Sears announced earlier this week that they would be closing about 120 stores across the country, due to poor sales volume.

This will include both Sears retailers and Kmart department stores held by Sears.

A partial list of the stores set to be closed in 2012 can be found here:


Black Friday Target Shoppers Step Over Man Who Lay Dying on the Floor

Black Friday shoppers at a West Virginia Target did not allow collapsed-and-dying man Walter Vance to disturb their holiday shopping experience. They simply walked around or stepped over him, before somebody else swept up all those cheap towels and soap dishes.

Vance, 61, was a pharmacist and reputed all-around nice man who suffered from heart problems. According to his wife Lynn, He’d had a stent inserted about two weeks ago, which may or may not have contributed to his death. Witnesses assert that, after Vance collapsed, most shoppers ignored or avoided him, keeping their eyes on the prize (fabulous deals!). However, Lynn told the Charleston Gazette that “about six” nurses came to his aide, which suggests that nurses are the only caring people left in Charleston. One of the helpful nurses and a paramedic administered CPR, and Target employees called an ambulance. Eventually Vance died at a local hospital.

via Black Friday Shoppers Step Over Man Who Lay Dying on the Floor.