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Social Marketing for Photographers: Branded Quotes



As part of the never-ending process of brand marketing that every photographer must practice, I’ve reached that point when it is imperative that I employ the social sites that will push said branding to the next level.

This form of Social Marketing is vital to your growth if you plan to compete with the hundreds of shooters who have already learned to embrace the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram trends that your potential clients prefer.

Starting with my favorite watermarking program, a few dozen of my favorite ‘catchy yet generic’  images are converted to Web-friendly lightweights with a prominent watermark both low and easy to read, while at the same time faded to 50% so as to not distract from the impending messages to be added later.  These then become my templates for the quotes and statements that will serve as the actual message of the shared image.

The template shown here is 650 x 750 pixels wide to comply with the standard format of most Facebook and Instagram image preferences.genius

In truth, Facebook users seem to prefer their images of this type, commonly known as “memes” to be 650×650 pxls, because it displays best with the new ad features that FB is cramming into their mobile screens.   However, I chose to stand out just a bit by adding the width that I think displays better on tablets and computer screens, because my target audience is a bit older and prone to browse more casually on the tablet.


As you can see, the basic message has a rather wide appeal among adults of all ages, and you can target your audience even more closely by selecting quotes that will tap into their individual perspectives.

As with all other forms of promotion, you also want to keep the basic principles of marketing in mind that will apply here, especially the K.I.S.S. rule:  Keep It Simple, Stupid.

These branded quote images are exploding on all the big social sites, and while the vast majority of your clients and competitors continue to call them memes, should you take the time to market them right (sparingly, maybe 1 per week, per site) you will soon see them as Me!Me! s that tend to scream your brand as they are shared hundreds, or even thousands of times.

As with nearly everything else on social sites, you can reasonably expect the lifespan of your new meme to sputter after 30 days, and to fall to the wayside after 60 days.  This is why you are launching a new meme every week.

You will soon realize that you have created a constantly evolving web of branded images, being shared by your friends, your page fans, and their friends as each image cycles down to make room for the next. This social promotion cycle is the 21st century equivalent of the affiliate marketing phase that swept the Web in the 90s.


2015  J.B. Stran

Is Your Business Maximizing Facebook?

Facebook recently announced more than 750 million active users worldwide. That’s ACTIVE users. Half use Facebook several times a day. Plus, 75% of marketers plan to increase their use of Facebook in 2011!

So let me ask you a question. Is your business leveraging the power of Facebook?

Keep reading to learn what’s changed with Facebook and to find out about a special event (from Social Media Examiner) just for businesses.

How Has Facebook Changed?

Facebook has changed a lot in the previous months—for example:

Tabs are gone.

Static FBML has been phased out.

Users can masquerade as a page.

If a user can masquerade as a page, one of your competitors can leave a comment on your pages, promoting their page (brand) to your users. Get ready for a new kind of spam!

But there are many positive changes as well.

Pages have been redesigned to be cleaner and less cluttered.

You have more control over your news feed.

You can get an email when anyone comments on your pages.

iFrame apps have replaced Static FBML.

You can offer deals to people checking in on a mobile device.

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Augmented Reality: 5 Ways it Can Change Your World

Have you heard of augmented reality? This new technology will have a profound impact on businesses. Keep reading to learn why…

Like social media, augmented reality is a fairly new technology that is still being developed into tools that add some use or productivity to our lives.

At this early stage, it is often found in games, but businesses are slowly adopting the technology and experimenting with it.

If you’re unaware of augmented reality, the basic definition is that it adds something to, improves, or heightens, reality.

Here’s a cool augmented reality video to check out.

via Augmented Reality: 5 Ways it Can Change Your World | Social Media Examiner.

A/B Testing To Get More Clicks Is Made Simple With The Hello Bar | The Hello Bar

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” That gent Peter Drucker was a sharp fellow. At Hello Bar we heartily agree, which is why one of the features of Hello Bar Pro is the ability to A/B test. As a bonus, you can try out A/B testing on Hello Bar Pro free for 14 days, with absolutely no obligation.

A/B testing allows a savvy website owner such as yourself to run multiple variations of a Hello Bar at the same time. Then, by analyzing how many clicks each variation gets, you’re able to determine which combo resonates with your visitors the most.

You can A/B test your headline, your call to action and your link color to your heart’s content. Hello Bar will run your tests automatically, while tidily tracking the performance of each. Once the results are in, you can crown the winner and implement that combination for all visitors to your site.

But let’s not rest on our laurels. The true beauty of the A/B test is that you can constantly run a new one, always trying a new variation against the top performer to date. This way you can iterate on your message and call to action, continually improving your clicks.

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5 Tips for Driving Facebook Fans to Your Website | Social Media Examiner

Are your Facebook fans frequenting your website? Do you want them to?

Keep reading for five ways to drive traffic from Facebook to your company website.

Thoughts on Facebook

While Facebook has become an increasingly significant communication medium, for many businesses and organizations, their website remains the primary consumer touch point.

So what do you do if you want to get your Facebook audience to engage more on your brand site?

You could of course have everything on your Facebook page point back to your brand site, but you run the risk of alienating those people who want to consume content on Facebook.

Savvy marketers are using traditional and social channels to support one another.

So here are five suggestions for ways to drive traffic back to your brand website without undermining your presence on Facebook.

via 5 Tips for Driving Facebook Fans to Your Website | Social Media Examiner.