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Humans Are Not Originally From Earth

Excerpted from an article on Newswire by  Sean Adl-Tabatabai  and originally posted in  :

“Lizards can sunbathe for as long as they like – and many of them do. We can just about get away with it for a week or two. But day after day in the sun? Forget it. You might as well just lie down on the freeway and wait for a bus to hit you.” We are dazzled by the sun, which is also odd, says Silver – most animals are not.

Silver claims that some chronic illnesses that plague the human race – such as bad backs – could be a sign we evolved on a world with lower gravity. Silver points to other unique human traits – such as the fact that babies’ heads are so large that women have trouble giving birth – in earlier eras, this was often fatal for mother, child or both.

“No other truly native species on this planet has this problem,” he says. Silver also points out to the “extra” 223 genes in human beings, which are not found in any other species, and to the lack of a fossil “missing link”.

Silver chose not to publish in a scientific imprint, wanting to inspire open debate. Reviewers have compared Silver to other space-gazing theorists such as Erich von Däniken, while others have said, “it is possible to drive a coach and horses through several of his arguments.”

Silver also claims that the human race has defects that mark us out as being possibly “not of this world”.

“We are all chronically ill,” says Silver. “Indeed, if you can find a single person who is 100% fit and healthy and not suffering from some (perhaps hidden or unstated) condition or disorder (there’s an extensive list in the book) I would be extremely surprised – I have not been able to find anyone.”

“I believe that many of our problems stem from the simple fact that our internal body clocks have evolved to expect a 25 hour day (this has been proven by sleep researchers), but the Earth’s day is only 24 hours. This is not a modern condition – the same factors can be traced all the way back through mankind’s history on Earth.”

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New clues in planking origins mystery – CNN.com

Los Angeles (CNN) — Planking is a summertime sensation around the world, but new evidence emerged this week indicating the comedic practice is at least two decades old.

The practice of randomly lying face down and motionless for laughs apparently rose above the underground level only in recent months, with celebrities tweeting photos of their planking pranks.

While the trend appeared to emerge from nowhere, there is video evidence that it started as early as 1990 when comedian Tom Green was an 18-year-old rapper. Green planked three times during a segment on his rap group, Organized Rhyme, broadcast by the Canadian music channel Much Music.

The former MTV talk show host said he called it “Dead Guy” when he performed the stunt on his cable TV show in Ottawa, Canada, starting in 1994.

To prove his point — and to claim his title as “Father of Planking” — Green posted a clip of an early “Dead Guy” bit on his YouTube channel late Tuesday.

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