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BBC News – Keresley residents mystified by apple shower

Residents of Coventry have been left mystified after hundreds of apples fell from the sky over their homes.

People in the Keresley area of the city said the fruit came raining down at about 19:00 GMT on Monday, hitting passing vehicles.

Parish councillor Sandra Camwell said the apple storm lasted a few minutes and was the second occurrence of its kind in a fortnight.

Weather experts said winds could have carried the apples from an orchard.

Ms Camwell said there had been no reported injuries and only minor damage to a handful of cars.

Dave Meakins, 63, who lives near the junction of Kelmscote Road and Keresley Road, said he had found dozens of apples in his garden.

Many more were scattered across the road and found in gutters.

Westerly wind

“At first I thought it was kids, but there were too many apples and they were crushed as if they’d fallen from a great height,” he said.

Mr Meakins said some of the apples were large, like cooking apples.

Prof Robert Kerr, an expert in atmospheric modelling at the University of Warwick, said it was possible the apples were lifted from a nearby orchard by the wind and released over the junction.

And Charles Powell, forecaster for the Met Office, said it was “not impossible” that strong winds lifted the apples and carried them over Keresley.

“It’s not the first instance I’ve heard of this happening,” he said.

via BBC News – Keresley residents mystified by apple shower.