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Social Marketing for Agents and Brokers

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by JB Stran | Real Estate Pro in West Virginia

Social Marketing for Agents and Brokers


You’ve read the blogs. “Socialize or DIE!”

You’ve seen the ‘Chicken Little’ special reports: “Social Marketing is the key to survival that your business Must have NOW!”

Silly dramas aside; Connecting to your clients and potential customers on their terms is a good idea. Meet them where they feel most comfortable, and cross that thin line between ‘occasional contact’ to friendly local professional.

But How?

Obviously, Facebook is your first choice.

A business page on the largest social network is free to create and manage, and will represent you and your business 24/7 in your own style.

Go to any FB business page…here’s a link to one of mine for MRE Photography:


The first thing you notice is the number of “Likes” (or fans, because these used to be called “Fan pages”) which is an indicator of the page’s popularity…but not really.

Very “popular” pages are more likely the result of effective marketing on the part of the owner.

In the case of the above page, I don’t pretend to have 780 clients or even a third that number of people who get excited about FSBO photography…but I do claim to know how to market my FB page(s) effectively which has resulted in 780+ fans for a one-year-old page.

As a more appropriate example, here is another of my projects that has it’s own FB page:


This Cure Thyself page is five months old, and has just passed the 1,000 fans mark based primarily on a solid marketing plan…mine.

To be fair, natural cures is an easier ‘sell’ than real estate photos, and for that reason the same marketing program has produced better results on this page.

Both FB pages are tied to an actual website (Cure Thyself ties into a blog of the same theme), and these act as a funnel that feeds facebook traffic to the respective sites.

– and by the way…the above pages are two of my five total pages on facebook, and cure Thyself is the youngest of the five…and the slowest grower is hovering at 450 fans (but not for long).

Simple, right?

Setting up a facebook page for your business website is the easy part. A few clicks and your new page is up and running…and when you’re ready to start marketing for popularity that funnels traffic to your offers you have two simple choices;

Put your life and business on hold for a few months while you take a crash-course in Social Marketing, or toss the ball to a professional who is already suited-up and on the field:


via Social Marketing for Agents and Brokers.